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Mix glue with black paint. Pour mix direct from the bottle. Let dry. Add colour to spaces.

cardboard squares with notches cut out for building art

diy confetti cake toppers / aunt peaches

shell wind chime, a great diy project after a day of collecting shells at the beach!

The Little Fabric Blog: A Basket of Bunnies

Manage all those plastic lids you've collected: make them into the Rainbow Serpent. A quick and easy recycled craft, instructions here:

plastic lids recycled into art

Make Kandinsky circles mural with recycled plastic lids

Make this with recycled plastic lids Crafts by diane.smith

Plastic Lids / Bottle-tops + Hot Glue + Spray Paint + Old Buttons + a Bow = Fab Wreath :)

I've been saving bottle caps for this very purpose - only on canvas not a mural. Maybe I saw something about it on Pinterest & already forgot I aw it here??? Plastic lids & Plastic Bottle Caps wall mural. This is probably the most amazing classroom decor we've seen yet! And eco-friendly!

monkey business adds corkers totem kit to animal + robot series by reddish studio

Soak corks in hot water for 10 minutes before cutting them for crafts--they won't crumble.

Embellish a bridal shower gift with woven ribbons (vice the strips of paper used in the photo) to force the bride-to-be to break a lot of ribbons so they have lots of babies ;)

DIY Paper Star Ornament