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Things to write about

Subjects, characters, places, and things I write about.

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Things to write about

  • 14 Pins

Ye Gods! A Tale of Dogs and Demons, an ebook by Lynne M. Hinkey at Smashwords

How to Write Less Badly

Make your blog more pin friendly with these tips.

Perfect for my 2nd novel, Chupacabra!

Chupacabra doesn't believe in you either tee!

El Chupacabra: Puerto Rico's legendary "goat sucker" is a fanged and clawed beast that performs vampirism on livestock. The first accounts of its victims--often goats, chickens, horses, and cows--were reported in the 1950s by farmers who found animals drained of blood, with several large puncture marks.

Rincon, PR

Puerto Rico

The VI


The Caribbean

Front cover of my debut novel, Marina Melee