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Check out these recommended apps for kids of all ages.

Apps For Kids of All Ages

Potty Train in 3 days sure this will be helpful someday

Potty Training in our Happy House - Happy House of 5

Potty Train in 3 days sure this will be helpful someday

Favorite Apps for Toddlers - Wait Til Your Father Gets Home

All for the Boys - Crafts for the Boys by suzanne

How to cut boy hair. This is the best tutorial I have found. Sooooo helpful! A great way to save money too:)

Old baby wipes container as a snack box for a long car trip - 1 for each kid LOVE THIS IDEA!!

A Daddy's Letter to His Little Girl (About Her Future Husband). I will save this for if I have a girl - too sweet!!

Tips for When Children are Throwing Up. And some good tips for adults!

Swim in OODLES of noodles with a Pool Noodle Bath Pit! Simple & frugal fun that lends itself to tons of learning activities. Build, sort, stack, order, graph, pattern, PLAY!

How to disable iPhone buttons and screen to keep kids in the app. Also works with FaceTime... Yay!!

Teaching children how to build their relationship with God at an early age. Tips for praying with kids

Between road-trips, carpools and a million errands, kids spend many hours of their life buckled up in the car. Our recent Summer road-trip inspired me to create a DIY Lap Tray that could work for crafts, activities, snacks and even a nap on-the-go. Ready to learn how to make a DIY Travel Lap Tray? I think this one could be our next great go-to birthday gift!Gather ye supplies:A cooki

Why Do You Have To Tell Them Five Times? (Love & Logic style techniques) Excellent suggestions and explanations for teaching self-control instead of obedience and why nagging doesn't work. Read it. Liked it.

Because i WILL have polite children if it kills me....list of manners to teach kids by age group. these are really good esp. the table manners and patience.