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A great hands-on way to help students identify the text features in non-fiction passages.

Non-Fiction Text Features Cut and Paste Activities

There are 20 non-fiction reading comprehension passages with simple questions for primary students in this package. It is best for students who have started to read independently. All the answers are directly in the passages. Students find the information and answer in short sentences. All the passages are about animals.

Non-Fiction Reading Comprehension Passages

Comprehension Connection: Mentor Monday-Nonfiction Text Structures

This is a 2nd/3rd grade nonfiction reading passage with a five question multiple choice quiz/worksheet. The fifth multiple choice also includes a ...

Friends~I put this little close read together to go along with my polar bear unit this week in class. I am planning on using this in my reading group with my Close Reading Book Marks. Included in this freebie you will find a nonfiction reading passage about polar bears. You will also find a QR code to scan for a verbal reading of the passage. 2 pages of response questions are provided.

Polar Bear: A Close Read

Bats Reading Freebie from I Heart ESOL on (4 pages) - This file contains one non-fiction reading passage with questions about bats. It also contains one compare and contrast passage with questions.

Bats Reading Freebie | Teachers Notebook

Amazing Animal Polar Bear Mom Non-Fiction Reading Passage Freebie Grade Levels: 1 - 3

Nonfiction Text the video of kids teaching (and thus learning) the concepts


Non-Fiction Text Features Posters

Absolutely cant wait to use this! non fiction research writing

KinderGals: Anyone Doing Any Research?

Check out this wonderful resource that provides free online access to engaging nonfiction text and captivating photos!

Nonfiction and the Common Core...4 free downloads plus ideas for anchor charts...great post!