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tinkered treasures: tinkering project: love is (wallpapered) blinds

I bought these for my best friend who moved away haha they were hilarious and a great gift!

Custom Stuffed Animal for Gals

Cleaned out EOS containers are the perfect jewelry container for traveling.

Every couple of months sprinkle a mixture of baking soda and a tablespoon of your favorite fabric softener over your mattress, let it sit for an hour, and then vacuum it up. Gets rid of dust mites and freshens up the mattress. Keep that same mixture in a small mason jar with holes poked in the top in your linen or clothes closet to keep it smelling fresh!

IF I ever get into crocheting! WIDGET-Crochet Lite Crochet Hooks. Chain one lite one. Crochet anywhere...even in the dark! Crocheting has never been more fun than with widget's Crochet Lites! Easy to use and perfect for dark yarns. Hooks are battery operated with a simple on/off switch. Size: F/4.0mm. Color: Red. Batteries included. Imported. @Sue Goldberg McKenzie who do you think of when you see this!

Impromptu company on their way? No need to panic with this handy-dandy 30 Minute Company Quick Clean - 3 FREE Versions via Clean Mama

When building a new house, use Node Electric Outlets, eliminates the need for a power strip. Just plug it in anywhere on the square!

Maximize small space

What a great idea for a safe place to hide in case of intruders. You could even set it up so you could lock yourself in if needed. fully stocked with guns too...just in case

note to self .. when building a house use recessed outlets so the furniture can fit flat against the wall and there are no messy cords

Hidden jewelry closet behind a full length mirror! Yes, please!

This website has all the uses for Magic Erasers that you don't know about! I do love Magic Erasers!

Use mitten clips to keep jeans in place when wearing boots! No more saggy knees! Very clever!

Learn how to clean your dryer duct, prevent house fires and save $$$.