You are not alone. It's so important that you know that. YOU ARE NOT ALONE ♥ ♥ ♥ So don't struggle alone. Reach out and tell someone, anyone, that you're in pain or struggling. You'll get through this. #recovery #depression

Instead of "Keep holding on", I would say, "Tell someone, and seek help". Don't go through this alone. And is the person you tell is not responsive, tell someone else. Don't give up. People don't understand mental illness. You deserve to live this life. #depression #recovery

This happens a lot on social media and it is so upsetting... Self-injury is very serious. Please seek help if you are struggling with it. #recovery #selfinjury

A straightforward, honest, thought-provoking teen talking about his diagnosis and journey with depression. "Depression is an issue, not an identity." "Embracing your light doesn't mean ignoring your dark." "The only way we are going to beat a problem that people are battling alone is by standing strong together." Kevin Breel #depression #videos #recovery #mentalhealth

This is tough stuff, but necessary to talk about. If you're feeling suicidal, reach out. Seek help. Tell your friend or a family member. Go to your local hospital. Don't struggle alone. #suicideprevention #depression #anxiety

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