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Liberty Science Center

Liberty Science Center

Awesome science experiments for educators and kids who love STEM! Find us on Twitter @LibertySciCtr and Instagram @libertysciencecenter.

Rates are negotiable. Making your wedding unforgettable is not. Call us today. 201.253.1378 specialevents@LSC... #weddingvenue #jerseycity #hoboken #newark

Rates are negotiable. Making your wedding unforgettable is not. Call us today. specialevents@LSC... 201.253.1378 #weddingvenue #newjersey #jerseycity

Weddings at Liberty Science Center feature a beautiful space that surrounds your wedding with an unusual and fun atmosphere. 201.253.1378 specialevents@LSC...

Did you know some sand dunes make sounds, or "sing"? Scientists are researching how that happens. Listen to the Songs Of Two Sand Dunes from the American Geophysical Union.

Yikes! That's a big bug! Visit all kinds of creatures in the Eat & Be Eaten exhibit.

Meet aquatic creatures up close at the Touch Tank in the "Our Hudson Home" exhibit.

It's Tortellini's 1st birthday! The offspring of two of our red-footed tortoises, this cute baby hatched on January 20, 2012. Stop by to say "Happy Birthday." You'll find it in the back of our Eat & Be Eaten exhibition.

Astronomers have identified a group of quasars that is four billion light-years wide. The laws of physics say things this large shouldn't even exist.

Two NASA spacecraft named Ebb and Flow made gravity maps of the moon. Blue areas have low mass while red shows high mass. The moon's surface is far more fractured and jumbled than expected.

What’s in our pockets? Science! Each enthusiastic LSC staffer in a lab coat has a mini science investigation in his or her pocket. They’ll help you investigate earth science, electricity, entomology, animal facts, or another exciting topic. Find them almost anywhere in their distinctive lab coats.

Love Curious George? He's coming to LSC in his own exhibit February 16 - May 12, 2013. Play mini golf, climb into a rocket, visit a farm and more. Ages 3-8.

LSC needs your help to to save critically endangered monkeys! Bring them to LSC.

This time next year we can start scanning the sky for the just discovered Comet ISON which may be so bright we can faintly see it in the daytime. It should be spectacular at night!

Could today's gamers be tomorrow's surgeons? Try out the robotic surgery simulator used by surgeons-in-training.

Animation Opens September 29! Step into the colorful world of cartoons! Hover in mid-air in a family slo-mo video, make your own fabulous cartoon creations, and more!

Our Hudson Home has huge tanks teeming with aquatic animals. These are terrapins.

Celebrating a birthday? We have serious party fun! All-day LSC access, a trained party host, and much more!

Come visit the cutest new additions to our animal family - a trio of lively degus, now on view in Eat and be Eaten. These cute-as-a-button animals from Chile are highly social and work together to build elaborate homes. They're waiting to say "hi!"

How do you ID individual ants? With paint codes. From Princeton University's "Art of Science" photo show, now on view.

"Chaos and Geomagetic Reversals" is just one of 45 photos from Princeton Univ now on view in "Art of Science."

Dr. Erik Demaine makes paper constructions - dubbed "origami mathematics" - to help researchers visualize aspects of math, science and design. From The NY Times

Dr. Erik Demaine's paper constructions - dubbed "origami mathematics" - help researchers visualize aspects of mathematics, science, and design. From The New York Times

setup_da_vinci.png (442×332) -- Get ready to try out real daVinci Robotic Surgery training software used to prepare physicians for procedures. Here it is, almost ready to go!