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Staying Primal in the Dining Hall: A Meal-by-Meal Guide via Caveman College

Where do mashed potatoes come from? A Re-education.

Shame on you, Dr. Oz! Here’s how to *really* eat healthy on a budget.

Interview with Mark McAfee, Founder and CEO of America’s Most Controversial Dairy

9 Ways You Might Be Inadvertently Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts via Mark's Daily Apple

"In the market, most seafood is labeled either farmed (aquaculture) or wild (fished).  Apparently many types of fish are raised by using techniques from both methods. For example, Alaskan salmon may be labeled wild even though they originate in fish hatcheries. Are you as disturbed about this as I am?" via Real Food Forager

  • Khalil Noueiry

    I m not disturbed, aquaculture is now producing 60% of consumed seafood globally and it is estimated to reach 75% by 2020, fish farming techniques and growing systems are very complicated and requires high efficiency and awareness of different aquatic species requirements and many farmers are committed to produce high quality products which acquire advanced schemes and supreme fish feed.

Dairy Precedes the Advent of Agriculture in Human History via @The Healthy Home Economist

Bring on the pastured bacon: Heart surgeon speaks out on what really causes heart disease! Finally!

Find out what Nutella is really made of in this post. And don't despair - there's a much-better-for-you homemade recipe included. #eatrealfood

Sobering chart - "It may be shocking to you, but a large number of ORGANIC FOOD companies are actually OWNED BY MEGA CORPORATIONS such as Pepsi and Kraft. These companies carelessly implant genetically modified ingredients into their food products and are environmentally destructive, but their organic food subsidiary companies are often toted as environmentally safe and health conscious." via Natural Society (

How Marilyn stayed in shape (it wasn't low-fat).

"I was also one of these people; I was obese, struggling to lose weight, eating less and exercising more, and just being marginally successful at best. And people would give a most discouraging reaction, like 'you must not be trying your best' or 'you must be lying to yourself or others about what you are eating'. These statements are not only condescending, but also devaluing of another person’s human experience." ~Adele Hite, RD MPH (and PhD Candidate)

"What's Wrong with the U.S. Dietary Guidelines?" & Other Nutrition & Weight Loss Qs Answered by Adele Hite, RD, MPH (& PhD Candidate)

Circa 1999. Yes, the fight has been long, but we're not giving up. #labelGMOs

  • Randa Landis

    Amazing!! Seriously, 13 years ago and it still hasn't happened???

  • Heba Saleh (My Life in a Pyramid)

    Yea, crazy. There is some progress ... more people are learning about GMOs and realizing that they want them labeled. It will take many people rising up and demanding this before the government pays attention. I wrote a post about this on my blog: Take a look and share with your networks if you find it helpful!

The Evils of Maggi (and Recipe for Chicken Broth)