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Birdhouse Roof Tile | klaas kuiken

We're all for solar panels that tie into the roofline less obtrusively, and these go right over the sheathing, in place of shingles. Each panel has 14 polycrystalline cells and can generate up to 52 watts per hour and withstand hail and 110-mph wind. Photo: Courtesy of CertainTeed | | from The TOH Top 100: Best New Home Products 2012

Swedish company SolTech Energy brings solar in a different direction with their roofing tiles, made from ordinary glass in the shape of ordinary roofing tiles.

SolTech Energy integrates solar, beautifully

Luxury villa on Felicite Island, the Seychelles. A glass-bottomed swimming pool acts as the roof of the reception room. Photo via

There are two types of wood roofing: shingles and shakes. Wood shingles are machine-cut and tapered for a trim, crisp appearance.  Wood shakes are hand-split, giving them a more rustic appeal.  While not as practical as modern asphalt shingles, there is no denying the appeal of a wood roof on a traditional or historical-style house.

Curved Solar Roofing Tile not exactly diy but really awesome

roof made from recycled plastic bottles- what a great idea for third world countries!

Colorful roofing tiles Would this pass the local zoning rules? What would your neighbors say?

Steel Roofs | Arrowline Roofing | Steel Shingles | EDCO Metal Roofing Products. Permanent roofing that never needs replacing! Sold! |The life of a roof depends on local weather conditions, proper building and design, material quality, and adequate maintenance. Slate, copper, and clay/concrete roofs have the longest life expectancy—over 50 years. Roofs made of asphalt shingles last for about 20 years while roofs made of fiber cement shingles have a life expectancy of about 25 years, and roofs made of wood shakes can be expected to last for about 30 years.

ceramic-like roofing material made from soil and carbon

House with regular shingle roof and select roof details done in copper. The copper will tarnish and turn green over time, which gives it a distinctive look.

Ethic design architecture Temple Roof

solar Panels for the home

Raise the Roof :: With some DIY and design smarts, a crumbling early 1900s shed was converted into an airy living space to entertain guests. The roof of the shed was raised to give the 22x13-foot structure a bit of breathing room and was then re-covered with leftover shingles. Sustainable solutions were used, such as reusing furniture already in their collection and repainting vintage shutters.

Property Values: A quiet rear courtyard leads to a lovely garden pavilion. Topped with a tentlike roof, the folly would make an ideal office, guest room, or entertaining space.

House with a Large Hipped Roof / Naoi Architecture & Design Office. The house has an open square plan intersected by living room in the middle, and master bedroom, bathroom, dining/kitchen and closet located along both outer zones. The living space can be freely subdivided by sliding doors, providing both privacy and a feeling of togetherness as in traditional Japanese houses.

SolTech Glass Tiles...these transparent shingles are able to heat your home by using a simple system to store energy from the sun Read more: SolTech’s Gorgeous Glass Tiles Heat Your Home With Solar Energy | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

~Blue Tile Roof, Guangzhou, China.

Birdhouse 2009 Now available Nowadays birds are not welcome under rooftiles anymore, so they lost a beautiful place to make nests. Placing a house on top of a rooftile, now created a nice place for a birdsnest.

aqua roof. such a cool idea-i'm sure the it looks fantastic from inside as well