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Million Dollar Shoppers

High fashion meets high drama in the new series, #MillionDollarShoppers where some people shop for fun but others do it for a living. Get in on the action with our Pin It Challenges each week to win big.

Fierceness has no boundaries! #MillionDollarShoppers

Final closets from #MillionDollarShoppers first season. Thanks for a glam season everyone!

Brenna Mack is our final winner for the Pin It Challenge! She chose this one for #MillionDollarShoppersGianna. Thanks to all who played!

  • Brenna Mack

    OMGosh, I'm so happy and so excited. Thank you so much! I just sent a message. Thank you! :)

Beth Lackey has an eye for that "something special," so she's a Million Dollar Shopper winner for week 6: #MillionDollarShoppersGianna!

Our clients from the Season 1 finale #MillionDollarShoppers

Barbet vs Gregg + Tayler made for a fighting fashion finale!

Sarah Cordes knows a good pink dress when she sees one! Congrats for being one of our Pin It Challenge week 5 winners for #MillionDollarShoppersAndrea!

Amy says it best!

Who had the most gorgeous closet from last week's episode? #MillionDollarShoppers

Week 5 of our PIN IT CHALLENGE is all about Andrea, from tonight's episode of #MillionDollarShoppers. Pin your selections to your "Million Dollar Shoppers" board on your account and tag each pin with #MillionDollarShoppersAndrea. Complete your board by 12AM EDT on November 14 for a chance to win one of three $250 gift cards! Ready, Set, Pin!

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Michelle Miller Hoge found a nice pants suit for #MillionDollarShoppersLiz ...and won!


Amy really turned Liz's life around with just a few wardrobe changes.

Brandy Bollman knows a winning cocktail dress when she sees one, so it's no surprise she's a winner in our Pin It Challenge for week 3: #MillionDollarShoppersDanielle

My Love Aint Dead