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LifeTricks - Life Hacks, Tips and Tricks for Everything!

LifeTricks - Life Hacks, Tips and Tricks for Everything!

Learn the best tricks, tips and life hacks for absolutely everything! From the mundane daily tasks of keeping your celery fresh, to mastering quantum mechanics,

Ailments, Illnesses and Injuries - Avoid Brain Freeze by Warming the Roof of your Mouth

Ailments, Illnesses and Injuries - Cover Your Mouth and Nose to Stop Brain Freeze

Ingredient Substitutions - Use Butter Instead of Vegetable Oil for Your Boxed Cake

Fish Safety - Beware that the 1 Inch per Gallon Rule is Incorrect

Fish Safety - Match Your Tank Size to Your Fish

  • yvonne williams

    I hope you add to a future update Bettas require a minimum 5 gallon tank. 1 male per tank.

Fish Safety - Ignore what Your Pet Store Says

Turtles - How to Avoid Ammonia Increase in your Turtle’s Water

Turtles - Wash Your Hands Before and After Handling Your Turtle

Turtles - Feed Your Aquatic Turtle in their Water

  • Julie Nolan

    Wtf your other post says to feed aquatic turtles on land