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The product of being a 80's baby and a 90's child

59 Pins

Brain Quest. Every pay day, mom would buy me a new one. Good times.

"Oh yes! Yes yes yes!"

My grandma used to give me one daily! Best part of my day

You'd only get these for good work!

Bop magazine

Loved Beverly Cleary books


R.L. Stine

Remember when they played music videos ...

My face was buried in one of these throughout my childhood

plastic balloons

The Farmer Says

  • Christina Cathledge

    I still have this! I won't let my kids play with though because I'm afraid the string will break


Always had this at every sleepover, haha.


My Buddy and Kid Sister!

Folded school notes.


Ramona books

Holy Polly Pocket heaven

Rescue 911

Handi Snacks