reading handout for parents.

All Students Can Shine: Reading At Home - Tips For Parents

Laura Numeroff Author Study - complete feedback forms about books from the text set


Clock Search! Post 20 clock pictures around the room, and students must go searching for each one. They write the time when they find it! Too much fun! FREE on TpT! Mr. First Grade

Prefixes and Suffixes: An Interactive Working with Words Extravaganza - These interactive printables are perfect for teaching or reinforcing prefixes, suffixes, and root words. Prefixes addressed {re-, un-, pre-, dis-, mis-, de-} Suffixes addressed {-er (a person who), -er (more), -est, -ful, -less, -ed}

Getting More Writing In! Printable writing journals for each month.

Ideas for writing center or journal writing

pronoun valentine.pdf

End of the year awards using candy bar wrappers! So many to choose from!!!!

Free {editable} labels for your classroom!!

A day in first grade: Let's get organized! {FREEBIE!}

Nice idea for President's Day-- a cut & paste timeline.

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