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LEGO son would have loved this growing up!!! me too if it kept them off the

Treat box for traveling. One per kid, no refills. Tackle this idea! Need to remember for future road trips! This could also be used for adult treats.... or camping - in-the-corner

Dinosaur cookies!

Look closely: students folded white paper in half, wrote their names in cursive, and cut out around their names - this formed the body. They added the head, arms,and legs then mounted their "name skeletons" on black construction paper!

Easy, homemade PVC fort! Just add fabric! What a great idea, I don't even need kids to want to build this! I bet you could get super creative with it, adding additions for your kid to park their big wheel (do they even still make these?) or other car/scooter-like toy; I can envision widows with little curtains etc.

Crayon hot rocks: If you have not done this yet, you need to. Simply warm up the rocks in the oven (I did 220 for 10 minutes), then put them on a stack of newspapers (or something else you don't care if it gets crayon in it) and let the little ones go to town. Just remind them it is hot. I have done it with 2 1/2 year olds with no problem. My little lady often brings in rocks for me to "cook" so she can paint them

Notes to make your kids day!...some of these made me tear up! Love this idea!

Add food coloring to individual pots of boiling water. Cook pasta as directed, drain and rinse separately. Toss and get ready to swirl - birthday pasta