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Twine Star Decoration - Lowes Creative Ideas

Alka Seltzer Blob Bottles!! - Such a great craft to do with kids! Need: 1 Liter (or any size) bottle, regular water, cooking oil, food coloring, and Alka Seltzer. Pour 3 quarters of a cup of water into the bottle, then fill the bottle the rest of the way up with your cooking oil. Next you want to wait for a little bit or until the water has settled at the bottom of the bottle and the oil at the top of it. Then pick your favorite color and pour about 8 drops of the food coloring into the b...

Did you know that if you send Mickey and Minnie Mouse an invitation to your wedding they’ll send you back an autographed photo and a ‘Just Married’ button? Also, if you send Cinderella and Prince Charming an invitation, you’ll get an autographed congratulatory certificate. Here are the addresses: Micky & Minnie The Walt Disney Company 500 South Buena Vista Street Burbank, California 91521 Cinderella and Prince Charming P.O. Box 1000 Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830

How to organize your office space... A BOWL FULL OF LEMONS - a dangerous site - makes me want to organize everything!

Love this! Slobproof Paint Pen - Set of 2. Fill with any paint color and use later for scratches, nicks, etc. Vacuum sealed so it lasts for years!

I'm gonna tie all my package bows like this from now on!

Bigelow, Vanilla Chai, 20 Tea Bags, 1.64 oz (46 g)

Turn your toaster sideways to make grilled cheese! Things I wouldn't know if I didn't have pinterest.