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True story.

Um...this is a rug!! Shut up and take my money! Classic Europe Map Rug by Tabriz Rugs

A Painted Treasure Chest Masterpiece with nautical compass rose and map lining on the inside. #furnituremakeover

Vintage globes look great in an office - here's one from the 1960's that doesn't take up too much space - from 86home on Etsy, $225.00

thesherd: This map shows all earthquakes over 4.0 in magnitude since 1898, outlining the tectonic plates. It’s the Ring of Fire!

It’s the Fra Mauro map! The map is actually upside down in this picture, because it was originally designed with the south at the top and the north at the bottom. Have a closer look at this super high-res version of the original!

Earliest undisputed map of the New World by Juan de la Cosa. North is to the right on this map (the dark green regions at the top are the new world to the west, the white background regions at the bottom are the old world to the east).

Walkable Tube Map: 109 journeys between Tube Stations in Central London are quicker to walk above-ground than to travel by Tube.

The Norwegian island of Svalbard could have been discovered by Norse explorers as early as the 12th century, according to some scholars. The first undisputed discovery was by a Dutch explorer in 1596. In the 17th century Spitzbergen became a hub for whaling fought over by numerous countries, including England, Denmark, France, and the Netherlands. Norway did not establish settlements or enterprises in the territory until the 19th century and gained sovereignty over the island in 1925.

I do.