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Place value chart

Lessons with Laughter: Classroom Job Board & In Our Class...

Where are you? Student tracking board if they leave for support services, are absent, etc.

This could be done in a secondary classroom if you assign students numbers. Record (take a pic or write it down) info and reset for the next class that comes in.

Science center in my 3rd grade rock star theme classroom

Egg + Vinegar = Fun little science project

In this activity, the teacher places some beans on the table, and asks the children to count them. Then, the children hide their eyes while the teacher places some of these counters under the bowl. When they open their eyes up, they can see how many of the beans are left visible outside of the bowl. This should tell them how many are under the bowl. Basically, this is a missing addend game.

Students must highlight their name before putting it in the tray. Great way to make sure all papers have names! LOVE THIS!!

Awesome app for iPad that can be used for Read to Self and Listen to Reading. LOVE THIS ONE!

Great Pre K-1st tactile, sight word activities & lots of other printables