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There were labels on the water bottles, soda cans, pop wrappers, toothpick flags for the burgers and gift bag tags all keeping our superhero theme in mind. They even made a Superman logo for Lucas with a big L that was included throughout the party. It was such a nice touch!

Superhero Kids Birthday Party Tips

Origami by Christopehre Jobson, thisiscolossal. Image credit Ronald Koh / Folded by Ng Boon Choon #Paper_Art #Origami #Photography

Fashion Zoo Animals20

Jacob Sutton - Exhibition work #photo #Art pls visit us >

jacob sutton photography #photo #Art pls visit us >

Aneta Ivanova's Beautiful Double Exposure Portraits - My Modern Metropolis

Double Exposure Portraits by Jon Duenas

Secret Fore Edge Paintings: Believed to date back as early as the 1650s, this a way of hiding a painting on the edge of a book so that it can only be seen when the pages are fanned out. There are even books that have double fore-edge paintings, where a different image can be seen by flipping the book over and fanning the pages in the opposite direction. #Books #Fore_edge_Painting #IA

The many wonders of Burning Man Festival 2013

The Treasury at Petra by David Bjorgen: Unlike slot canyons like Antelope Canyon, which are directly shaped by water, the Siq (shaft) is a natural geological fault split apart by tectonic forces; only later was it worn smooth by water. The walls that enclose the Siq stand between 91–182 m (300–600 feet) in height. #Photography #Petra #Slot_Canyon

Lord of the Rings characters as regular people!

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill - Chicago Civic Center. MAD MEN

A dramatic trellis adds bravado and a passive cooling element to this recently renovated mid-century ranch house in Nashville, Tennessee's capital. photos by: Anthony Matula

"For those of you who don’t understand archaeology, I have made a diagram."

My Neighbor Totoro by Hayao Miyazaki: 'It is a little sad, a little scary, a little surprising and a little informative, just like life itself. It depends on a situation instead of a plot, and suggests that the wonder of life and the resources of imagination supply all the adventure you need." - Roger Ebert via wikipedia #Film #My_Neighbor_Totoro

Apple Globe by Kevin Van Aelst #Photography #Apple #Globe