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Beach Golf - site has great ideas for beach games

10 Best Beach Games -

Beach bowling!

Summer Fun Days plan sheet/printable/freebie

Mrs. H.'s Resource Room: Made It Monday with the Kiddos

So for a fun vacation idea with her kids, this lady made a homemade scavenger hunt for each location then took pictures of each item they found and scrapped them. Love this idea

Sign for the front door while kids are working on homework/chores. Some days it's amazing we get anything done with the stream of friends at the front door constantly begging for the boys to come outside. This might help.

Over The Big Moon

Get into classic camp mode with a twist on tug-of-war called Stumps. Two players stand on upside-down milk crates set 6 to 12 feet apart on soft ground. Players pull or relax a rope, trying to force the other to step off her crate. Strategy trumps strength: a hard tug can be neutralized by a loosened grip, and sudden slack can make the tugger teeter.

Backyard Summer Camp: 4 Outdoor Games and Activities

Summer ideas for kid activities that won't break the bank

11 Toenails Summer Ideas, Daisy nails

Floral Toenail Summer Design With Green Theme | The Nail Designs

What a fun summer idea. - Pudding Cups with graham cracker crumbles/blue sugar sprinkles/graham bears, fruit roll ups (for towel), gummy lifesaver, fruit snacks for sharks and paper umbrella

Sun Scholars: Pudding Beach Cups

DIY::Family Summer Fun Bucket List !

Summer Fun Activities

Summer Water Games: Summer Marble Madness-Fill a small pool with marbles, ice and water. Then have the kids fish out the marbles with their toes and pace it in a bucket. When the timer goes off the person with the most marbles wins.

Get concrete pavers at big box home store. Use Outdoor paints in red, purple orange, blue, green, yellow (whatever colors you like). The black was used to paint on the numbers and the black was to outline the numbers so they would pop. Youll probably need more of the white than any other color. Would make a great hop scotch play area.

Ball pit kiddie pool and slide. Good idea to keep kids entertained in the Summer.

Super easy outdoor rainbow hopscotch - just use garden pavers and spray paint to add a fun splash of color to your yard...