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The Grotto Garden with lush planting in crevices… Wonderful backyard oasis...

2012 ALE: The Grotto Garden

Questions and Answers About Cob - Unlike adobe, cob can be built in cool damp climates like the Pacific Northwest: its resistance to rain and cold makes cob well suited in all but the coldest parts of America.

The Cob Oven Project: DIY Outdoor Kitchen/Pizza Oven - How to build an outdoor pizza oven using clay + sand (adobe) + straw (cob). ~ Not sure adobe would withstand our Pacific Northwest rain… but otherwise this looks Great!

DIY Concrete Patio

Home-Dzine - How to lay a DIY concrete patio

Experimental Dandelion Farm-Do Not Disturb Weeds - Tin Sign for the "casual" garden...

Experimental Dandelion Farm-Do Not Disturb Weeds Tin Sign

Propagating roses by cuttings is easy

Taking rose cuttings | Home, Top tips | Amateur Gardening

Creating a Backyard from Scratch - 7 features that will transform a plain stretch of lawn into a lush landscape

7 Steps to Creating a Backyard from Scratch

Stagger Bulbs for Six Weeks of Blooms ~ Recommended Planting Depths: A. Dutch Crocus: 1 to 2 inches - B. Red Emperor Tulip: 3 to 4 inches - C. King Alfred Daffodil: 4 to 5 inches

Custom Rustic Treehouse - Designed and built to delight and inspire with architectural salvage materials... Wouldn't this make a charming guest cottage?

TreeHouseCompany - Custom built and design treehouses

How to build Sunset's Classic Adobe Oven - Use these step-by-step instructions to build a rustic outdoor oven... Building it takes about two days of grubby work, but the reward: wonderfully rustic pizzas, roasts, vegetables, and crusty loaves of bread from your own backyard!

How to build Sunset's classic adobe oven