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Flat Iron Tips and Tricks. Every girl can use these tips. Ah, perfect hair!

Hairdos to match dress necklines.

So simple easy! Romantic side bun! Heres the step-by-step: 1.Tease hair over the upper half of head. Make sure to tease more towards the sides of your head, and less teasing closer to your part. 2. Secure hair with an elastic in a mid-low side ponytail a couple of inches behind your ear. I suggest having the ponytail on the side that is opposite of your part. Leave out a front section of hair. 3. Make a messy bun make sure you have a good amount of loose ends sticking out of th

Take two invisible elastic bands and separate the hair into two ponytails, one above the other, in the back of your head. Once the ponytails are secured, take sections of each ponytail and, starting at the ends, roll them toward the head, pinning them in place with bobby pins. Roll the top ponytail first, then the bottom, leaving pieces closest to the middle for last.

Literally 100s of hair tutorials... pin now look later.

Really pretty! Minus the birdcage

pretty :) minus the head piece just not crazy about it but something else may be nicer

You'll be sad you didn't pin. Every hair tip there ever was, categorized in one place.

Full instructions, hints and tips for creating over 30 hairstyles at home.