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Puppy love

58 Pins

Puppy love

  • 58 Pins

Laughing so hard I'm crying lol

My favorite thing…

animals, y u make me laugh so hard

i'm comin' for you!! #barkyeah

Dalmatian Puppies! - animalfunnymemes....

Being a kid who grew up with dalmatians...I love them and they are so precious as puppies!

Dalmatian Puppies - to own a dalmatian

More Cuteness!!! Its like a puppy for life!!!

Precious MINI Dal!!!! I will own one....eventually....they are only in Sale City GA!!

this would be so cute because I will totally have a dog before I have kids!!!!

Australian Shepherd Mix Puppy. SO CUTE.

Yup...that would work for me. Make them Dals and you would never get me to do anything else!! LOL

Too flippin cute!!!!!!

puppy puppy puppies!

so sweet, I love puppies

I'm always there for you.

Big Dog Love

too sweet for words!

that face!!!



fox and the hound, my Fiance' favorite Disney movie, Yes, we will be friends forever :-)

kiss kiss kiss

(Catahoula) SO CUTE!!!

so adorable!

Yes Please!!! I LOVE BIG DOGS!!! and its spotted!!! Giant Great Dane relatives to Dalmatians