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I still can't believe I did this! Best experience ever! Can check this off my bucket list :) -Emma

#bucketlist #gondola I am so doing this! Almost did it but there was a wedding going on

Find out how many balloons it takes to lift myself off the ground - I found this out in school! It takes veeeeery much balloons to lift myself off the ground..hiihi

Bucketlist(: Wanting to go on a camping trip with all of my friends. #bucketlist

I've been in Paris once, and I climbed the eiffeltower.. But that was with school!!! I would love to do this with my husband! ♥

#bucketlist♥ done!!! I did that in Costa Rica with my friends on a tent it was awesome

#BucketList done but want to do again

Watch the Sunset with someone I Love! I have done many times with many loved still will always be on my bucket lis

please?? someday!!!! #bucketlist #summer

Lol. I'm going to include this because this was once on my bucketlist - before I ever started going to concerts. NOW, every concert I go to, I'm VIP. :)

Fly first class. Course it was because they messed up our flights and we had to fly sunset through dawn, but hey...first class. Yeah I slept, one of my daughters stayed up and watched movies