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This big bundle of phonics packets includes interactive activities to help your students master many different spelling/phonics patterns. These a...

States and Capitals Flashcards 1024x1024 Learning States and Capitals with Family Game Night!

Word Family WORD SORTS with popsicle sticks! EASY AND FUN!

Make a rainbow with all the ways you can add to create ten

Art Projects for Kids whole website to explore

Historical Movies For Children (ages 6-12) - list with reviews | Le Chaim (on the right)

Sharing Kindergarten: That old lady is at it again!

DIY Word Building Mats. Directions for making your own and a free printable!

Exploring Force, Motion, and Energy (Including Magnets) in the Primary Classroom! In this 53 page packet, you will find a month long unit for exploring force, motion, and energy. Here is the scope and sequence: Week 1--Magnets & Movement; Week 2--Location; Week 3--Sound & Light; and Week 4--Heat. $

Irish Women : Grace O’Malley is the most famous female pirate in Irish history. She lived from around 1530 to 1603, and was born into a family of sailors. When she was younger, Grace cut off all her hair after being told she could not go to sea because she was a woman. Her father eventually gave in, and took her to travel around Spain. Grace became heavily involved in the politics surrounding different Irish clans, and became a pirate. She is known as the “Irish Pirate Queen".

Finally - an appropriate Dr. Seuss activity for the older grades!

Dr. Seuss activity