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Funny College Ecard: To another glorious weekend getting our drink on..... ....At Starbucks....

I love being a mom, it's the best challenge that God has ever blessed me with. Work, Karate, my workouts, a clean house, and helping my daughter maintain a healthy social life makes me wish I had Diana's jet sometimes, but I wouldn't trade it for anything,

Wow, this couldn't be more true for me. Especially the part about the shoes. Happens. Every. Stop.

The Larson Lingo: Running Errands With Kids.

I’m going to petition the Girl Scouts to change the name “Thin Mints” to “Put These Down, Fat Ass”.

...and then I said "only mommies are allowed to use that word."

March Caption Contest Winner | Anne Taintor

Mrs. Doubtfire ♥

SKREENED - Ethical Custom Apparel

I've said at work, and I quote, "Let me pull out my magic wand, I keep it in my back pocket." As you can imagine, it was said sarcastically:)

Bitch please! Nobody borrows my shoes!# Shoe Quotes

A whole lot of class mixed with the right amount of sass; that's what makes a TRUE Southern Lady!! ☀CQ Keepin' it Southern!

Went to Target to get milk. Left with two hundred dollars worth of stuff and forgot the milk.