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Abandoned Buildings

The Illinois Asylum for the Incurable Insane (Peoria Asylum)

the Kirkpatrick Home in the abandoned town of Old Cahawba, AL

30 beautiful abandoned places around the world

haunted derelict palace in Poland

Abandoned Sea Forts - UK

Abandoned house in Liberty, Missouri. Love the red color.

One of the seven wonders of the world - Petra

  • Karen Tidwell

    too spooky for me, no thank you.

  • Amy Taylor

    Irene - LOTS of searching! This photo has been pinned several times. So I kept selecting the "originally pinned by" option, and after a while, it took me to a pin that ACTUALLY had a caption, "More views of the haunted derelict palace in poland." See, we Southerners aren't so dumb, eh!! LOL ;))))...ANYWAY, I now encourage EVERYONE, PLEASE PUT CAPTIONS WITH YOUR PICTURES!! DON'T MAKE PEOPLE SPEND HOURS SEARCHING FOR LOCATIONS OF THESE FABULOUS PLACES!!! hahaha:)))

  • Betty Herron

    I can't imagine being privileged enough to have grown up in a house like this!

  • roger gray

    It's the Sobanski Palace in Guzów, Poland.

  • Betty Herron

    Thanks for the info!

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FDR's Secret Train Car & Platform: It's hidden beneath the Waldorf-Astoria in NYC & still there! (1938)

abandoned ~ The Ransom Gillis House...imagine this house restored...

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"I use to be a beauty."

  • Sallie Griffeth

    What a beautiful home that's in need of a family to love. I 'm sure in her hay day she was a jewel and still could be. Would love to see the land around it.

  • Rachel Bueckert

    Even in its graceful old age, it is still a beautiful house. The design is lovely. I love old houses like this one. They don't make them like this anymore!

  • Betty Herron

    I would move in today! What a privilege it would be to bring this jewel back to it's former beauty!

  • Jane Goodman Brown

    This had to been an awesome home. would love to be able to see it.

  • Karen Beattie

    Is this he house used in grey gardens?

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  • Chia Williams

    The colors don't seem unrealistic to me. Certain camera filters (even on digital), along with manual camera settings to control the apeture can filter out more light and bring out the colors more. Photography can be an art in itself.

  • Kristi Atwood-Parker

    real or not...I'd love to explore this one :)

  • Rob Huffsmith

    There was an artist across the dorm room hall from me in college that could paint a picture like this.

  • Linda Rogers

    This is rather pretty in its own way.

  • Brighty Kelley

    Ghost hunting time

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  • Kim Truehart

    i didn't see any mention of name or location in any comments,must have missed them.Thanks for the info @ Lois Seman

  • Patrece Williamson

    would love to remodel this house

  • Phil Haigler

    Looks like a hotel. Oh, the stories it could tell if those walls could talk.

  • Kim Truehart

    @ phil it was a hotel,someone wrote it was the Cold Spring Hotel in Tannersville NY

  • Merry Haustein

    I know this it's been awhile but this is to: KIM TRUEHART- Kim I have just found out recently that the "Underground Railroad" was 100 miles+. We have quite a few Homes here in Alton,ILL that they have tours for. ( Just recently started) Now you can understand why your home would added to that list, Have you checked it out Historicly?

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Abandoned in Soda Springs, Idaho.

  • damon libby

    The saturated colours offset the mood a bit,,,but I do like the broken window and the fact that you cant visually access the front door. This is what I love about being a photographer, the ability to stop time, even when it marches on in the material world.

  • Kristen w. P

    I love your "Abandoned" collection!

  • Bill Fenlon

    HDR? Love it!

Abandoned castle

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Needs Love

  • Sam Small


  • Kim Truehart

    i do too roberta,every abandoned house i see makes me wonder who they were that lived there & what happened to them

  • Amy Potts

    This house looks like an image I have had in my head of me being in a field down the hill from it and looking up at it - kinda not wanting to be there.

  • Kim Truehart

    @ Amy Potts maybe in a previous life??? if you believe in that sort of thing.I know i have been places that somehow i just KNOW i have been to before...all the while knowing full well i have never stepped a foot in that particular town or state before. It's a weird sort of feeling.

  • Cathy Barninger

    Looks like Norman Bates' place. Lol

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Abandoned Palace

  • Tara Frymark

    this is totally Miss Havisham's decrepid mansion!

  • Kim Truehart

    love the ironwork,my bf is a blacksmith & can replicate this type of stuff. Amazingly beautiful

  • Sue Hewitt

    Absolutely Amazing, wish I owned it.

  • Merry Haustein

    I must have been a beautiful place in it's time. I'm surprised that wrought Iron railing is still intact, the way people are stealing copper pipes out of homes & ac units for the money.It's a shame but they're doing it.

  • Courtney Eileen

    It looks liike it has some interesting history inside it...beautiful stairwell...

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