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Heering Cherry Liqueur, bourbon, Lapsang souchong tea, Angostura bitters // Reinvented Classic Cocktails: www.foodandwine.c... #foodandwine

Kentucky Special Recipe

Chocolate Cupcake Cocktail for #CocktailDay |

Chocolate Cupcake Cocktail for #CocktailDay | JavaCupcake

Strawberries and cream jello shots

Strawberry and Cream Jello Shots

Pink Lemonade Margarita Recipe!

Pink Starburst Cocktail with Pinnacle Vodka .... tastes EXACTLY like everyones favorite Starburst! And this drink has even been lightened up a bit on the calories! // Happy Food Healthy Life

Pink Starburst Cocktail - Happy Food, Healthy Life

"Frostbite" - 1½ oz tequila, - 1 oz cream, - ½ oz blue curaçao, - 1 oz chocolate liqueur, - ½ oz crème de menthe. Shake and strain into an ice-filled glass!


Traditional New Orleans Hurricane recipe

1 cup Countrytime Lemonade mix, 2 cups cold water, 1 can of chilled pineapple juice {46 oz}, 2 cans chilled Sprite = best lemonade stand in the neighborhood.

Swimming pool | 4 cl (1.18 oz) vodka 2 cl (0.59 oz) cream 2 cl (0.59 oz) cream of coconut 2 cl (0.59 oz) blue curaçao 10 cl (2.96 oz) pineapple juice | pour pineapple juice, vodka, cream and cream of coconut with ice into a blender, blend it and strain into a hurricane glass with ice cubes. float the blue curacao on top and serve.

Bubbly Love Potion ....Pink lemonade, raspberry sherbet, and Sprite for the kids this would be fun :)

Strawberry Mimosas

Dirty Shirley: cherry vodka, grenadine, sprite. Best drink ever! Must try this!

Harry Potter drink!!! The Goblet of Fire: vodka, blue curacao, lemonade, and a splash of 151- light it on fire & add cinnamon to make the flames spark. Ridiculous grin on my face right now.

Purple puddle

Sex in the Driveway: 1oz peach schnapps 1 oz blue curaçao 2 oz vodka fill with sprite

Pudding shooters made with cake vodka and chocolate liquor

White Gummy Bear... Best ever! Strawberry vodka, peach schnapps and 7up. These are AMAZING!!

Lava Flow-Pureed strawberries topped with a creamy mixture of coconut & pineapple.

Lava Flow Cocktail

Warp Pipe (Super Mario Bros. Cocktail)

Rainbow Sangria, by the glass. And more!