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Life Is Sweet....In Kindergarten!: An apple a day.....

Life Is Sweet....In Kindergarten!: An apple a day.....

Rainbow activities for kids :: rainbow art, rainbow crafts, rainbow science experiments and sensory play

****Free Printable Worksheets**** PreK-4th Bunches of cute stuff LOVE FEEBIES!!!!


These Number Tracing Cards are a FREE printable that can be laminated to allow kids to draw on with a white board marker and it easily wipes away with a tissue. Kids can practise writing their numbers correctly, wipe it away and try again.

Printable Number Tracing Cards | learning 4 kids

1 cup flour, 1 cup salt, 1/2-3/4 cup water. Mix the ingredients until you have the desired consistency. Too wet and the paper gets wet and dries flat. If it is too thick it won't fit through the opening of the squeezy bottle. Mix it well then separate it according to the number of colors you plan to make. Color can be food coloring, liquid watercolors, tempura paint, powdered paint. Spoon the colored paint into squeezy bottles, and get to creating! This is for paper not clothing!

Phonics Letter of the Week Bb {FREE}. A HUGE unit (81 pages) with all that you need for a letter of the week curriculum. A page from the unit: Color by code to reveal the hidden letter.

Wonder if I could take pictures of the kids and make them big enough to cut into pieces and reassemble like a puzzle--- or is that too weird?!

3-kindergarten SC.1.54 Participate in activities using materials with a variety of properties (e.g., color,shape, size, name, type of material). SC.1.71 Engage in a scientific experiment with a peer or with small groups of children using sharing/turn taking skills.

Love Potions Lab- Part 2 ~ Bath Activities for Kids

Free Printables: Shapes shapes and more shapes practice for free. Pinned by Generation iKid.

Free Printables for Moms and Kids - Mother's Niche

The handwriting readiness printables on this page are for children who need to practice writing the basic shapes of the printed letter - I would not force preschoolers to do this, they may not be ready (follow their interests), but for kinders & grade schoolers it could be helpful.

Printing Readiness

Homemade Pumpkin Moon Sand Recipe- this moon sand has such a FUN & unique texture. It is sand-like but soft and squishy. It can be molded and holds it's shape really well but also has an OOZE to it. It is really hard to describe and so fun you really must try it for yourself (Kids LOVE this stuff!)

Pumpkin Moon Sand Recipe ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose