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Rachel Rogers

Rachel Rogers

a weird thing for bows, tiny cute things, details, clever foods, and foot wear.

Lace Skull Back Dress from Premonition

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Buckle Boots

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  • Theresa A. Glisson

    I agree with you totally !!

  • ♥ Ana Etcheverry

    No se puede estar tan cerca!!! :-)

  • Kim Martin

    While this photo has provided such interesting conversation...I just want to add that I would love to translate/ transfer this image onto a mural as a gift to my mother...does anyone know how to contact the photographer to ask permission?

  • Michele Stapleton

    Read the comments above. The photographer is named and there is a link to his site.

  • Reloxina


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  • Natasja S.

    I was born January 1990, so I win. And don't be hatin' on the little kids. They still count.

  • Elizabeth (Liz) Adams

    stop saying kids bor in '97 aren't 90's kids tust me i remember everything just cuz i didn't grow up when it was new doesn't mean my brothers didn't make me watch it on tape and play outside and just cuz it turns 2000 doesn't make all that stuff disapeer

  • Nicole Skehan

    I was born in 1994 and I'm 18

  • Samantha Caron

    I agree with previous commenters, that like saying being born in 1987 you were an 80's kids. I know some older folk that would get all kinds of p.o.'d about that, just like the TRUE 90's kids are now! You don't know the 90's bam

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