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Another indoor turtle pond

Oil and Water ? - General Turtle Discussion

voice-activated grocery list: say what you need while it's on your mind and a week later when you actually go shopping it will print you a list.

SmartShopper™ 301 Grocery List Organizer

Trampoline Tent. Seriously!?? Why didn't they have this cool stuff when I was growing up!!

8ft Trampoline Tent

This website makes your Instagrams real. Create a pack of magnets in seconds...oh I must do this for the frig

VERY COOL WEBSITE. enter the dimensions of your room and the things you want to put in it... it helps you come up with ways to arrange it. Pin now, look later.

For all you soon to be mommies: Nap Nanny - Helps your baby sleep. Helpful for babies with colic, reflux, gas, cold and the flu. ill be glad i pinned this someday

Nice Goldie Red iPhone cord wrapper

Put the child's graduation year on a large t-shirt. Take a picture each year with same shirt to watch the kid grow into the shirt.

Gallery Wall. No reason to drill holes in the wall; so easy to move frames around and change the pictures

Glow stones: glows at night after soaking up the sun all day. Awesome!

combining Most Important dates in life with photos - I love how they used the meaning of the kids' names in the pictures

Good idea for later on. Crib mattress upcycled into reading nook.

Family pic when you can't all get together for one photo. I absolutely LOVE this idea!!

LOVE this idea... It's a daily calendar that is reused each year and gets better the longer you use it. Each day you write the year and something that happened that day like, "(Child's name) took her first steps." Imagine how neat it would be in 10 years.

  • Karen Forest

    Great idea ... I would love to learn more; but, this pin is blocked by Pinterest due to something suspicious.

Or...Crates (sold at Michaels), stained and nailed together to make a coffee table

Fred and Friends Unzipped-Bag-Shaped Hand-Blown Glass Bowl