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I LOVE this board and all the great things here! I created a new board for the leg styling since there were many pins in this category, so if you were following it this is the new link: Did the same for the Nails, the Sunglasses and the Hats categories. Enjoy!

Necklace | NIIRO Designs. From the new collection; Yuki.

Lynn Kelly, New Zealand: 'Rosehip Necklace' Sterling, Rosehip, cotton

Contemporary New Zealand Jewellery by Lynn Kelly

Marie Andree Cote via Gwen Gibson and Lindly Haunani

Joan Babcock Micro macrame / Фото #1 - Joan Babcock - burzalova-kseniya

Necklace | Baba Berthe. Baltimore, Maryland, United States ~Cowrie shells and glass beads. "Artist Baba Berthe’s seashell necklaces are stunning displays of natural nautical beach beauty. The complex cowrie collars are crafted out of hundreds of small shells collected by the artist. They are then intricately strung together into a cascading collar of beachy beads."

Layered Nautical Necklaces

shoulder necklace - wow


ZsaZsa Bellagio – Like No Other: Saturday Morning Wonderful

Jean Paul Gaultier

Flo: Jean Paul Gaultier s/s 2010 Couture Jungle

Heather Thompson “The shells are slip cast porcelain pistachio shells with pearls inside”

Necklace | Emma Ware. 'Wave' Rubber and stainless steel

Twin Sister: 12/16/10

Elise Winters, USA: "Citron Cascade Ruffle" neckpiece. polymer clay

Necklace | Niki Stylianou. From her Fiber + Wood collection

Fibres + Wood | nikistylianou jewelry

Necklace | Antje Bräuer. 2010 Titanium, gold

modern art jewelry - necklaces - Galerie MARZEE

Birds in Flight Tribal Necklace posted from Craftsy

You have to see Birds in Flight Tribal Necklace on Craftsy!

Jasmin Winter - necklace - silver, enamel