I just laughed so hard

I don’t want to be a dog anymore…


Funny Pictures Of The Day - 97 Pics

tumblr is sometimes strangely civil...and also you can totally call a manatee a sea cow. I would know, man.

Internet fight turns into polite conversation…


Tumblr Tuesday 5-6

You might be a Disney princess.

You might be a Disney Princess

busty girl problems. No scrappy tank tops.

For All Those With Back Pain, We Salute You


You don’t mess with this man…

Funny Text Message. I could see my dad doing this to me. he used to prank call me all the time.

Roflburger The Funny Picture Wall

My friend fixed my chemistry book…

Pretty dang funny. Click to go to the website to see it in action, it's funnier :)

20 of the best pictures on the web

20 of the best pictures on the web

its Horrible Hilarious i will have to add this to the things i say at funerals this will mean that i will have to start talking to people at funerals though

Dmotivators, just for fun! Enjoy and share.

Okay. Just died.

That’s enough, Jesus…

I laughed way too hard at this.

So I just tried this…
  • LegendaryBerry 2001

    Ingenious. I have a toaster that doesn't pop out the toast automatically, so this is PERFECT!

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