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Christmas Postage Stamps

1965_11_02 $.05 Angel Gabriel blowing his horn; based on watercolor by Lucille Gloria Chabot

Collectible Stamps Gallery: United States, 1965 Christmas Stamp

1962_11_01 $.04 This is the first Christmas stamp issued by the United States. It was intended for use on season's greeting cards and also to remind the public to shop and mail early. It depicts an evergreen wreath and burning candles.

1964_11_09 $.05 this set of four mint Christmas stamps was a first for the United States Post Office: this issue featured four different designs in a regular size pane of 100 stamps. The stamps depict the plants Holly, Mistletoe, Poinsettia, and a pine tree cone.

1967_11_06 $.05 The design was essentially the same as the 1966 Christmas stamp, except this mint stamp is taller and a larger portion of Hans Memling's painting "Madonna and Child with Angels" is shown.

Collectible Stamps Gallery: United States 1967Christmas Stamp

1966_11_02 $.05 This fifth U.S. Christmas stamp, featured Madonna and Child. The design on this mint stamp shows a portion of Hans Memling's 15th century painting "Madonna and Child with Angels."

1968_11_01 $.06 This Christmas issue features a design showing a portion of the painting "The Annunciation" by the 15th century Flemish artist Jan van Eyck. This was the first stamp printed on the multicolor Huck press.

Collectible Stamps Gallery: United States 1968 Christmas Stamp

1975_10_14 $.10 This traditional Christmas stamp was designed by Stevan Dohanos and features the painting "Madonna and Child," by Ghirlandaio. Due to an impending postage rate change, the stamp was issued without a denomination- the date of a change from 10c to 13c was not known at the time of printing; the stamp ended up being issued prior to the rate change and it is thus a 10c stamp.

1972_11_09 $.08 This mint contemporary Christmas stamp was designed by Stevan Dohanos and features Santa Claus with gifts and the text, 'Twas the Night before Christmas.

1973_11_07 $.08 The contemporary Christmas stamp was designed by Dolli Tingle and features a Christmas tree with ornaments in needlepoint.

1972_11_09 $08 This mint traditional Christmas stamp was designed by Bradbury Thompson using detail (Angels) from a painting ("Mary, Queen of Heaven") by the Master of the St. Lucy Legend. The painting is in the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

1976_10_27 $.13 Featuring the then 200 year-old painting "Nativity" by John Singleton Copely, this traditional Christmas stamp was designed by Bradbury Thompson after the 1776 painting which is located in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Mass.

1981_10_28 $.20 This contemporary Christmas stamp features a "Felt Bear on Sleigh", designed by Naiad Einsel. This stamp is non-denominated because the U.S. Postal Service was contemplating a rate change at the time of printing (from 18c to 20c; this stamp is a 20c stamp).

1982_11_03 $.20 The contemporary Christmas stamps was designed by Chuck Ripper. this mint attached block of four mint stamps features children and adults (a dog is also in the designs) sledding, building a snowman, ice skating, and decorating a Christmas tree. The design includes the text "Season's Greetings."