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Business Books

These are books that I reference to inspire me to create a better business or live a better life.

My new innkeeper marketing book has launched!

Excellent read on how we determine value. The cost of anything is based on the choices we have available to us at the time. A slice of pizza might be worth $3 but only as compared to the other things we could do with that $3.

How to make competition irrelevant. I'm basing my new mentoring program on the concepts.

The Original - so many business books have been derived from it.

This book teaches you how to position your services to attract clients for whom price is NOT a determining factor in their purchasing.

You would think this is a hard charging sales book from the title, but just the opposite. It teaches you how to approach prospects as an educator and expert who solves problems.

Over 100 examples of real ads that were used by Bill or his students to capture attention and move people to action.