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Vintage enamel kitchen tables

This sweet little enamel table is the one my parents used in 1948 when they married. I was so lucky to find the matching chairs a couple of years ago. Perfect for Little House in the Backyard!

enamel top tables....1930's - 1950 Gramma had one . We had one that was our kitchen table. It was outlined in red without the fancy design. The legs were metal, not blue wood.

Enamel /Porcelain Antique table top with red design

we have an enamel table we've had since I was about 3 years old that has the EXACT SAME pattern on top of it, but the legs are wooden rather than metal. So wild to see the same table top.

The Green Pea Boutique: August 2009

Very cool enamel top table.

The Wildwood Flower: February 2012

Black and White Enamel Top Kitchen Table with 4 chairs by sp9000, $650.00

Antique Enamel Top Table | Vintage Enamel Top Kitchen Table by lisabretrostyle2 on Etsy

Black and White Art Deco Enamel Table by TheFunkadelicFlea on Etsy, $595.00

Love my old enamel table

Red trim enamel table

Red and Yellow… - Vintage Junk in My Trunk

Baltimore: Vintage Enamel Top Table $100 -

Furnishly – Furniture Marketplace Exchange Washington DC

Vintage Enamel Table $150.00

color for enamel table

Vintage Enamel Table & Chairs

porcelain enamel table

Vintage porcelain enamel table with 4 chairs