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:) here in my little crystal rock! How beautiful!

:) wonderful

:) peace

One of my beautiful peonies this spring, it smelled as good as it looks :)

Joe's gyro machine :) outside his sandwich shop in david panama :)

! Exactly!

My wip in my yard :)

My moms Lilly of the valley from her yard. I read once something that said " do something today you will be thankful for tomorrow" well I did something years ago that I was thankful for today. :) for the life of me I couldn't remember the name of these. It was driving me nuts. You know the way something like that dose. Anyway I was down in there working in them, when I pulled out this little flag with the name of them. :) I was so thankful, I had done that oh so many years ago :)

Yellow fuzzy caterpillar on my roses :)

Jack sitting in the bird bath waiting for dinner to be served. :)

Sleepy jack in the bird bath, he got tired of waiting for the birds to come to him :)

Baby praying mantis checking out what I'm doing ;)