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Crochet lace necklace www.finecrocheted...

This Housewife Life...: Trinity Stitch Scarf ~ FREE PATTERN

This Housewife Life: Trinity Stitch Scarf ~ FREE PATTERN

LoveNote Crafts: Easy Crochet Heart Tutorial

LoveNote Crafts: New Pretty Lovelies ♥

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Burden Stitch. It is a middle age stitch and a type of a cushion stitch. It is used to cover large areas in an embroidery piece and gives a woven effect to the fabric.

Большая коллекция швов для вышивания. Часть 4 | Море идей

Erin- Crochet Baby Booties cute with turquoise and a few beads to look like indian moccasons, make them in a brown buckskin colored yarn

I really like this, but I have 10 projects on my list much crochet, so little time.

spring crafts: colorful scraves, free crochet patterns | make handmade, crochet, craft

Love the taupe crochet & pearl scarf. I like the tulle flowers and how it looks so lacy and girly. This color can be used in ANY season - so might use a lighter weight super soft yarn. Thoughts?

Wow! Amazing shawl, all you have to do is make a basic shell stitch shawl, add crochet roses with dangling rose leaves to each end, simple and lovely! I'd rather have it as a scarf though instead of a shawl. Might have to think about tackling making this.

Fresh as a Daisy - Crochet Flowers. These are sold but I wanted the pic; Each flower has 9 pointed petals and is a little over 1 inch. Crocheted in size 10 cotton crochet thread.

Broomstick lace but the thing they use looks like a nail file... Hmm maybe I could make broomstick lace without buying an actual tool for it :)

This is fun crochet! Lace tutorial!! sooo pretty! here is the Original link to it you will have to translate the tutorial on it because it's in Russian !!


Crochet skull beanie pattern. I would choose different colours, but this pattern is brilliant :-) I want this pattern!!!!

English instructions free on Ravelry, here: