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Reform dress

Two woman sporting golfing attire for a portrait studio photo, 1895

Theatre Costume 18th century-19th century, Plate 051. Fashion plates, 1790-1929. The Costume Institute Fashion Plates The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of Woodman Thompson

Troops marching in Gettysburg from the town towards the Memorial Cemetery for President Lincoln to make history by giving his Gettysburg Address.

The progression of photographic formats in the 1800s. Nearly all consumer photographs in the 19th century were produced by one of these technologies.

Dr. Mary Edwards Walker, 1832-1919, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing left, wearing man's top hat and coat

Three Princeton students pose after the Freshman, Sophomore snowball fight. 1893. Princeton, NJ

William A. Pratt - Freemen of Color 1830

Incorporated by British Charter 1839. Austin Cooper

Reign of Queen Victoria from 1837 to 1901

Dr. Mary Edwards Walker (1832-1919) was a Civil War surgeon, and the only woman to receive the National Medal of Honor for her service. This photo by Mathew Brady shows her preferred trousers outfit in full length. Later in life, Walker wore a top hat and menswear suit to formal occasions.

Muff and Scarf,1880, a rare example made from the heads and feathers of gulls, this accessory set represents the passion for using bird feathers and bird parts to decorate hats and other high-style fashion accessories in the 19th century. The practice ended in the early 20th century as birds were becoming extinct. A set like this would have been been worn by an elite member of society.

Journalist Nellie Bly, as she set out to make her journey around the world on November 14, 1889. She boarded a steamer and began her 24,899-mile journey, bringing with her the dress she was wearing, a sturdy overcoat, several changes of underwear and a small travel bag carrying her toiletry essentials. She carried most of her money in a bag tied around her neck.

Fetching in the Lines - Lizzie Alice Hawksfield - Whitby - North Yorkshire - England - Late 1800s

~ Etiquette for Gentlemen; or, Short Rules and Reflections for Conduct in Society, by A Gentleman, 1847

Circus lion tamer, Melle Alexandre

1888, French. House of Worth

“A cowgirl gets up in the morning, decides what she wants to do and does it.” ― -Marie Lords, 1861

Elegant young lady in elaborate Victorian hat, 1890s.

Young woman with spectacles, c. 1890s.

Corset ad for children 1891