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Granddaughter at the fair horse show.

Michael J. Fox's letter to his younger self: "When the unexpected and inconceivable intrudes on life, and it will, deal with life's actual events—don't obsess about perceived eventualities."

I've been using stem cell nutrition for about 3 months now and my health is improving so much. I have dibeates and my blood sugar levels have been really good. My last visit at my family doctor was such a releive for me. After my blood test my colesteral, my A1C and trigliseride levels were really good. I'm so happy with this product. If I wasn't in the business, I would still use it. If you have health problems isn't it worth a try to get your health back on track? Only $29.95 per mont..

Great movie, and a really cool feat. Makes me shake just thinking about it!

There is hope for diabetis. You don't have to be an invalid or an amputee. Relye on healthy natural foods and exercise. An vitamins and food supplements. I went from extremely unhealthy to getting a really good report from my doctor. Take diabetes seriously if you have it.