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Omg awesome!!!!!!

Random Pictures Of The Day - 53 Pics

The Dalai Lama & Adam Yauch- Awesome

Abraham Lincoln’s funeral procession in New York City, April 24th, 1865. The house on the left, on the corner of 14th St. and Broadway, is that of Cornelius Roosevelt, and the 2 young boys looking out of the window are Teddy Roosevelt and his brother Elliott,

.this makes me smile big smiles lol

Dental school recruitment poster from the 1940's


Best nature photo story ever.


"It was the summer of 1905. At the races in Auteuil (near Paris) a woman appeared wearing trousers in public for the first time. Her name is unknown, but this is a picture of her. Police men had to protect her against the curiosity and outrage of the crowd. "

The Statue of Liberty surrounded by scaffolding as workers complete the final stages of construction. Paris,1884.

Hand prints made 10,000 years ago at Cueva de los Manos, Argentina; photo by James P. Blair

Janis Joplin at Woodstock, 1969

Hollywood Blvd.: 1963

Holy crap. Read. ALL OF IT.

Grace Kelly & Alfred Hitchcock

This is Charlotte… So awesome.

READ THE DISCRIPTION! oh my goshhh...what? O.O

Go, Senator, go!

We have always known Mother Teresa as an old wrinkled woman. This is a pic of an 18 year old young Mother Teresa.


Anderson Cooper meets Grumpy Cat.

all the time haha