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Beginning Blends Domino Literacy Station's recording sheet! Super fun way to practice initial R-blends S-blends and L-blends

Princess Artypants: Visible Thinking Routines

Are you taller than a penguin? Can go along with any unit of actual sizes of things...wheels in head spinning

This is a fun end of book project for students after completing a book in literature circles or guided reading. It is simple, easy, inexpensive, an demonstrates student comprehension.

Tournament of Kids Books-- To celebrate March Madness, 16 favorite kids books face off bracket style. (Interesting free idea generates excitement about reading!)

Our beanie baby reading buddies ( goes along with Daily 5 and the CAFE reading menu)

Pigeon: Impossible Wordless film. Great for inferring right from the get go...Infer the setting, the profession of the man, what might happen, character feelings based on actions and expressions...really good.

Ormie the Pig; Prediction, Inference OH MY will love this!

Fill out this little inferencing sheet where they had to describe a picture from the story, write their inference about the picture, and then write about a clue/schema that helped them make their inference.

Video slide show of books is a great way to hook kids on to reading. Add a touch of music and the kids will be captivated! This is a slide show I created to introduce children to Robert Munsch's books. A great way to kick off an author study unit! Free!

Robert Munsch reads all of his stories aloud on his official site! I never read Robert Munsch to my kids. I tell them I cannot do justice to his read-aloud amazingness! They have to listen to him.