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Yarncraft Funnies

Laugh along with these crafty comics!

How Lola takes a selfie or "#scarfie".

Lola’s #Scarfie Style

Lola goes retro!

Lola goes retro!

Franklin Habit's thoughts about the whole "knitting is good for your health."

I Told You So | Lion Brand Notebook

Niftynnifer had a bit of fun when it came to finding the end of her ball of yarn.

  • Joanna Morgan

    SUPPOSEDLY, you should be able to find the yarn that is loose and give it a slight tug, go to the other end and pull out a single end from the center. Happens to me about once every 12 - 14 skeins. If you notice, almost all the yarn is wound in Turkey. The machinery must be old and worn out.

  • Suzanne

    What I hate is your yarn pulls great from the start but then towards the end you pull and you get a big hunk of tangled/knotted yarn so you spend time fixing that :(

  • Debby Hoskins

    Am so glad to know I'm not the only one who pulls out half the skein trying to find the elusive end! :)

  • Jen Stock

    They should knot the tail so you can feel it in the middle of the skein!

  • Joanna Morgan

    Now, Jen, that's a fantastic idea! Lion Brand - take note!

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Find out what Lola's superhero "power" would be.

Lion Brand Notebook

Franklin Habit talks about the issue with pattern skill levels.

Level Up | Lion Brand Notebook

Crafting makes you healthy, wealthy, and "wise" - according to Lola.

Humor | Lion Brand Notebook

Don't worry, if you're good we might make you a cat toy. :3

Photoshop - If AFL players were cats... (aka AFL Catalikes)

Hilarious! Cubbies: yarn storage or CAT storage?!

Yarn Storage | Many Happy Returns

I suffer from this all the about you?

Does this stash remind you of anyone?

It's really important to use the right hook - pun intended.

Argh! Be ye ready for a new “Out of the Loop”?

Ever wonder where all that bright colored yarn comes from? The answer is Neon sheep. Share this funny knitting joke with all your yarn-loving friends!

Do you handle life like this as well? (Feel free to substitute knitting instead of crochet)

Franklin Habit lists what a 24 Hour Yarn Channel might look like.