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Yarncraft Funnies

Laugh along with these crafty comics!

It's that time of year for pets.

How Lola gets ready to go back to school.

Lion Brand Notebook

Franklin Habit talks about the issue with pattern skill levels.

Level Up | Lion Brand Notebook

Lola shows you the subtle way to get grandkids.

Lion Brand Notebook

Crafting makes you healthy, wealthy, and "wise" - according to Lola.

Humor | Lion Brand Notebook

(Or Crocheting)

Don't worry, if you're good we might make you a cat toy. :3

Photoshop - If AFL players were cats... (aka AFL Catalikes)

UFOs hit the runway!

Unifinished knitting: a new fashion trend?

Hilarious! Cubbies: yarn storage or CAT storage?!

Yarn Storage | Many Happy Returns

I suffer from this all the about you?

Can you relate to this?

  • Michelle Tailor

    I always make sure to check the latest airport security rules for knitting needles!

Does this stash remind you of anyone?

It's really important to use the right hook - pun intended.

Argh! Be ye ready for a new “Out of the Loop”?

Grumpy Cat makes it plain and simple.

Ever wonder where all that bright colored yarn comes from? The answer is Neon sheep. Share this funny knitting joke with all your yarn-loving friends!

Do you handle life like this as well? (Feel free to substitute knitting instead of crochet)

Franklin Habit lists what a 24 Hour Yarn Channel might look like.

If only this was a real prescription...

There are times to take your WIPs to the beach - and there are times you shouldn't. Lola finds out the hard way.

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Lola agrees on taking your projects with you when you're traveling on vacation. Sometimes she takes it a bit too far.

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Lola realized her son's potential very early.

Over 5,000 Free Patterns on

Or KnitDay, but 100% agree. Would make life so much easier.