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Bacterial pink eye usually infects one eye but can infect both eyes and produces a heavy discharge of pus and mucus. Viral pink eye typically begins in one eye and causes lots of tears and a watery discharge. Allergic pink eye produces tearing, itching, and redness in both eyes, and sometimes an itchy, runny nose. Ophthalmia neonatorum is a severe form of bacterial pink eye in newborns. Giant papillary conjunctivitis it is most frequently associated with the long-term use of contact lenses.

When someone says "my stomach hurts" they don't realize all the stuff running through a nurses mind.

For the bilingual school

Counting may be one of the best ways to help a child get in shape. Healthy Counts is a simple, step-by-step routine kids can follow—one that could add up to a lifetime of better health.

▶ Introduction to Postural Screening - YouTube

Poster for schools on the signs of #anaphylaxis - This is great because it shows ALL the different symptoms for an allergic reaction (not just the trouble breathing that most people assume). Not to mention it's easy to understand for kids and adults!

You know you're a Nurse if you know it's a full moon without looking at the sky. #Nurses #Nursing #MedlineU


School office-Haha I need this

Seuss inspired Health Board....activities that promote good health

March FACS or Health bulletin board

You know you are a school nurse when... You provide free daycare to sick children who apparently have no parents from 8 - 3.

In the Nurse's Office: Common Sicknesses in Schools

School nurse humor!

Only David Shannon could make head lice fun. Every school nurse should have a copy.

50 incredible facts about your skin - 50 incredibili fatti sulla tua pelle

Learn how to stop panic attacks. Get trusted information on controlling panic attacks, how to prevent panic attacks and stop panic attacks.

Pretzel Thermometers