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Lisa Cordova

Lisa Cordova

I just do my own thing and TRY TRY to stay happy! : )

How to cool down an overheated horse safely

Get Into Shape for Horseback Riding - wikiHow

Sit the Trot Better and Don’t Lose Your Stirrups

Oval horse walkers have benefits for both, for humans and for horses. A benefit for humans is that the unit can be built into narrower areas. And the training is even more efficient for the horses, due to the increased amount of straight track.

This is a great at-a-glance reference! Horse Side Vet Guide - Quick Reference - Equine Lower Limb Anatomy #horse #horses #arabianhorse #arabians

The tall and the small of it! I find it interesting to note the big guy seems much more anxious about whom he's next to than the little one!

There is a taping pattern for almost any area of the body. Learn different tape applications at

A Barn Makeover, How I stained my concrete floor with a $9 gallon of oops concrete stain. farmfreshvintagef...

HoofBase is a system of flexible high-density plastic cells that go in the ground to fix and prevent mud problems in paddocks and other horse areas

Upcycled Shipping Container Tack Room - Possible idea for Schooling Tack room, Feed room, Hay storage etc?

Natural Ventilation for Livestock Housing

Horse Side Vet Guide - Quick Reference - Equine Lower Hind Limb - Side View - Mobile App NOW AVAILABLE on iTunes! horsesidevetguide...

funny! True for others as i sadly do not own or ride a horse, but it is true for my best friends family and cats

Excellent info for every horse owner or horse lover ;)

♥. Too true! Don't be too opinionated about someone else's horse. It's not your business anyway.

Every rider has that one special horse that one horse who changes everything about them.

Horses and Infectious Disease |

Camilo by Elise Genest