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food ideas and drinks

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  • 786 Pins

Refrigerator Cucumber Salad....

Cut or pull the top and bottom circles from the orange/tangerine. Then slit between two sections and roll it out. WHAT.

Handy apple chart!

Children with gluten intolerance will experience upset stomach, diarrhea and even vomiting whenever gluten is ingested. For this reason, a gluten intolerant child’s diet should be closely watched.

Yummy quinoa + kale patties

Baking Gluten Free Bread: Millet Oatmeal Bread

Cheesiest Fried Chicken Empanadas with Chili Con Queso Dip from

Cheesiest Fried Chicken Empanadas with Chili Con Queso Dip from

Don't forget the doggies at Christmas time! Top 10 Homemade Dog Treat Recipes

Jalapeño Popper Dip ~ everyone will ask for your recipe!

beef taquitos

Mexican Rice. Photo by French Tart

Baked Crab Rangoon... 1/8 tsp garlic salt, 1/8 tsp Worcestershire sauce, 14 won ton wrappers, 1 small green onion, 4 oz imitation crab, 3 oz cream cheese... Bake at 425 °F for 8-10 minutes or until golden brown.

Making Pesto From Scratch (garlic, fresh basil leaves, pine nuts or walnuts, salt, black pepper, extra-virgin olive oil, parmesan cheese)


Cultures for Health: Yogurt Starter, Sourdough Starter, Kombucha, Kefir Grains, Cheese Making and more | Supplies for a Real Food Lifestyle

Starter Cultures and Kefir Grains - Wise Choice Market

Movie night treat: Marshmallow Caramel Popcorn. 1/2 c. brown sugar 1/2 c. butter 9-10 marshmallows 12 c. popcorn. Microwave brown sugar and butter for 2 minutes. Add marshmallows. Microwave until melted, 1 1/2 to 2 minutes. Pour over popcorn.

Jalapeno Cornbread Poppers

Taco Pie ... looks delicious!

panini recipe - brie, pear, walnut