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Teachers' Comprehensive Guide to Using ClassDojo for Classroom Management ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Still more Dojo rewards. I'm starting to think I'll do this weekly, maybe with six "tiers" instead of eight like I was originally thinking. Best award would have a point value only available to one or a handful of top-point-earners, while the lowest tier would be available to everyone. Have it during Friday Fun, with the Store Clerk responsible for distributing the goods. Easy.

Free-I use these to spotlight students who have the most points in class dojo {our management system} each week. You can opt to use them for the most p...

Have you started using Class Dojo with your students? My kids love it! I use the clip chart system and also Class Dojo. I move clips on the clip...

Folders for the students classwork to keep examples of students work. Includes Class Dojo points and rewards.

Lots of great apps for the classroom. Especially intrigued by Class Dojo.

Class Dojo weekly rewards certificates. Reminds me that I want to research more about real dojo and translate that to classroom expectations (shared responsibilities, respect for one another and our training space, etc.).

Be sure to scroll down and see the info on the Class Dojo behavior plan. Sounds cool!

Vista print ideas in the middle school classroom - I like the punch card. Could use these with Class Dojo.

Tying class dojo points to real-world rewards.


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