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how to photograph your christmas tree lights and achieve the bokeh effect

Awesome ideas for holiday photos. Light show is our personal fave :)

Set you camera to iso 400, the f/stop to 5.6 or so and do a 4 to 5 second exposure while having your subjects move the sparklers.

DIY 3 – Bamboo Sticks (I got mine at Target for around $13) or Tree Branches that are the same length. 2 – Sheer Ikea Panels (1 Package) $4.99 1 – Ruffle Shower Curtain {Mine is from Urban Outfitter – $79} 2 Yards – 1.5″ Ribbon 1/2 Yard – Twine

How to take a photo like this, capture a little of depth of field. 1.) get closer to the subject 2.) use a smaller f-stop (somewhere around 3.0) 3.) zoom out, use a larger lens

infant photography — Jared Platt Blog

poses and colors! engagement pictures

cool family pics