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"The students are asked to choose a simple shape and create a pattern of that shape to trace onto the paper. The students are told to overlap the shapes to create interesting negative shapes. Then they erase the lines where the shapes overlap. After they complete their composition, they add color to the background with colored pencils."

Mrs. Macre's Art Class: Colors on the Walls!

This is an awesome weaving project for kids! I would try it with third graders, though it says first. First graders would need a lot of help.

that artist woman: Woven Tree Wall Hanging

Pop Art Prints - a great way to combine printmaking techniques with Art History! Another twist? Photocopy (black and white) students' school pics, group into four, and have each child color over with oil pastels, a la Andy Warhol. Mount on black construction paper.

For the Love of Art: 5th Grade: Pop Art Prints

Didier Triglia Head Cans - good reuse/recycle lesson as well as learning about an artist

Resource: Didier Triglia Head Cans

Created from disposable aluminum cookie sheets! A simple DIY project with beautiful results!

The ultimate list of homemade paint recipes - 45 awesome ideas!

Homemade Paint Recipes ~ Learn Play Imagine

Andy Warhol style portraits: trace a black and white photo with black sharpie on overhead transparency. Write your name on the side with the sharpie lines. Flip the acetate over and color with 4-5 colored sharpies (pick colors that contrast). This lesson is for 5th grade. Talk about portraits, contour lines, and pop art before starting. Will take about 4-5 class days to complete

Alcohol Ink tiles as a backsplash! Great idea for an art room!! Students create an alcohol ink tile.

Alcohol ink tile backsplash

Lego Self-Portrait Exploring Art: Elementary Art

Exploring Art: Elementary Art: 5th Grade Lego Self Portraits