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Fun Activities For Kids Including Special Needs

"I never did a day's work in my life. It was all fun."~ Thomas A. Edison

Slime Experiment with Elasticity PLUS OVER 12 more awesome slime ideas! Part of Best of Best Series! LOVE!

Slime |An Experiment in Elasticity - Lemon Lime Adventures

This simple invitation to play with pasta and beads is the perfect fine motor skills activity in disguise.

Simple Invitation To Play (she: Amy) - Or so she says...

Rolling on the floor for vestibular, proprioceptive iniput and motor development.


If you have a toddler, you know that keeping his/her attention on something can be difficult. Check out these 15 fantastic activities to help increase your toddler's attention span! My son loves #4!

My Life and Kids

Bracelet Project_Made with Code -Google is letting you create a custom 3D-printed bracelet to be shipped for free if you live in the US...why not GIVE APRAXIA A VOICE

Bracelet Project_Made with Code

Goldilocks theory to video game playing...Video-game playing for less than an hour a day is linked with better-adjusted children

Quick video games 'benefit children'

Play with ice and cool down this summer. Number 5 is fun!

5 Ways to Play With Ice this Summer - What Do We Do All Day?

Five ways to play with your LEGO bricks AND keep cool this summer! From Fun at Home with Kids

Five Ways to Play with LEGO bricks and Water

Dinosaur Toss - Kids learn about the sizes of dinosaurs while playing a fun gross motor game.

Dinosaur Toss | Mess For Less

Looking for an alternative to water balloons? Sponge Bombs are a great option & can be used over & over again! Have you ever made these?

How to Make Sponge Bombs - Inner Child Fun

The Great Boat Float! This rhyming activity for toddlers and preschoolers is so simple and so so much fun!