Categories of nesting: Climbing the Walls... Some Flowery Inspirations for Spring

Almost Free American Flag Candle Log Tutorial

Where the wild things are / Great Otway National Park, Victoria, Australia.

Monument Valley Park in Colorado Springs, CO

A hollowed out tree limb as a planter. What a great idea! You'll have a great looking flower pot, it'll add interest to the garden and you're recycling a downed tree limb too! What a great idea!

Once, I made a bean-vine teepee with tree limbs...the leaves were scratchy for the kids so if you try this idea, keep the type of leaves in mind.

recycling ideas ! really nice!!!!

pictures strung from a tree limb. @KD Eustaquio Evans this is a cute idea for your hunting room, possibly. :)

12 Tree Candle Holders for Rustic Weddings Country Decor Cabins Western Limbs | eBay

The "Basket" Tree was woven together from six separate sycamore trees. This is so cool

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